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4 Aspects to consider in using a Marketing Automation tool

To succeed, you need to know everything you can about your customers. But knowing is one thing and harnessing that knowledge is another.

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Process Automation in Marketing Beyond Marketing Automation

Today many companies are looking for ways to help improve their marketing to ensure that their employees are free to carry out various tasks effectively and without delay.

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How to achieve effective one to one personalization

The new digital consumer demands relevant content, adapted to their personal tastes and preferences. All a challenge for marketers who know that this relevance will be key to improving the results of their campaigns and increasing the loyalty of their consumers.

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Building the road to relevance

Today there is an oversaturation of data from the digital world. We are constantly bombarded by multiple content channels, many of them irrelevant.

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Engage. Create and send 1 to 1 personalized communications

Following the review of our methodology based on 3 actions - Gather, Manage and Engage - whose objective is to achieve true 1 to 1 personalization through relevant communications, it is now our duty to present in detail the third and last action: ENGAGE.

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