Enjoy a robust platform

Free account activation

What should you do to activate a free account??

You must follow 3 simple steps:

1) Complete the form and accept the activation conditions by clicking here.

2) Wait for a message that MasterBase® will send to your inbox, confirming the creation of the account and giving you access to it.

3) Access your account and request your password.

You must submit your credit card information to activate an account?

No. No such data is requested..

Can you add or remove users whenever you want?

Yes You can add or remove users whenever you want.


What kind of platform do you access with the free account?

To a similar platform than in the paid version, in terms of functionalities. Only the number of records is restricted to 500 records.

What is a record??

Registration means the electronic support of an information unit, which can be an email box, identification number, contract number, among others, that is part of a Customer database.

How many maximum records can you load?

Up to a contact base of 2,500 records can be loaded. 

Is there any time restriction to use a free account?

No. It is unlimited, as long as the account is active. If it is inactive, MasterBase® reserves the right to close the account when it deems it convenient.

How can you suspend the free account once activated?

Just send us an email to Cuentagratis@masterbase.com and we will manage your closing.

Can you migrate to a paid account while using your free account?

Yes, at any time you can hire a paid account.

You just have to go to the Billing menu of the platform, complete the billing and credit card information. Your free account will automatically go to the payment method.

What is the MasterBase® policy regarding spam?

The MasterBase® policy in this regard is very clear. Not only are we completely against spam but also our systems are programmed to prevent it.

Customer Support

What type of support includes the free purchase of MasterBase®

For everything related to the operability of the account (what you can access, type of account, business issues or technical problems) you can direct them by email to cuentagratis@masterbase.com

For everything related to how to use the platform, your free account includes a self-training through tutorials.

Free accounts do not have access to support via ticket, email or phone.

How can I learn to use MasterBase®?

Through our MasterBase Academy.

In our Academy you can certify, train and obtain resources (Blog, eBooks, Webinars) or subscribe to the Newsletter.

The MasterBase Academy contains online and on demand courses according to the level of expertise with the tool. There are also support videos on our platform.


What rates does MasterBase® offer?

The prices detailed below correspond to an online account, which is activated from the platform, without the need for a commercial executive and based on a plan of up to 50,000 registrations.

Although it depends on the number of registrations, the online accounts start from US $ 49 per month to 3,000 registrations, where you will have unlimited shipments, domains and users, access to all the functionalities and can load up to 50,000 registrations.

If you want more records, or the assistance of a commercial executive with a high degree of expertise, able to provide you with an assisted guide, identifying your specific problems and how MasterBase® can help you, request it here

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Are there special conditions in the payment method?

Yes. The direct contracted service is provided and billed from the United States and charged in dollars, and the published rates can only be canceled from the customer's credit card.

What payment methods can I use?

You can use credit cards, Visa and MasterCard.

What is a record?

A record is each unit of information, defined as unique by its email, telephone or other value, to which the system assigns an ID (unique identifier number) when stored in the database.

Should you pay for each user who uses the tool?

A user is any person authorized to use the software. The number of users does not affect the rates, which means that you can define as many users as you wish to access your MasterBase® account.

Do you have to pay a year in advance?

No. MasterBase® does not operate based on 12-month plans. You can terminate the use of the platform by giving notice of it 30 days in advance.

Is there a commitment to stay?

No. In MasterBase® you pay for the use of the platform every month. You do not have any minimum stay and you can unsubscribe at any time without charging anything else by giving notice of it 30 days in advancen.